Silvia Filip Endresen holds an engineering diploma from the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical Institute, Iasi, Romania. Silvia worked for 11 years as team leader in Romania and as operations manager in Tunisia. She has extensive hands-on experience with capacity building and project management within manufacturing industry. Her background includes elaboration and implementation of projects funded through EU development programmes in North Africa (Tunisia). She has been a strategic advisor to leading companies in the fashion industry and has held the role of production and purchase manager with premium brands in Denmark and Norway, where she gained in-depth knowledge about sustainability. Silvia has a trans-disciplinary knowledge from both manufacturing and creative industries.

Dag Terje Filip Endresen holds a PhD in ecology from the University in Copenhagen, Denmark and a master degree in bioengineering from the NTNU in Trondheim, Norway. He is an experienced computer scientist with an international background, being specialized in information systems. He has advanced skills in data analysis, machine learning and data supervision. Dag consulted for international institutions as Bioversity International and FAO in Rome, Italy and has been the IT manager for NordGen in Alnarp, Sweden. Dag Endresen works as manager for the Norwegian participant node of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). He is strategic advisor for Noveltex, providing sound advice on technological approaches, information systems design and training programmes.

Monika Pedersen is a senior architect that has implemented projects with the Municipalities in Oslo and Drammen. She deals first hand with rules and regulations enforced by local municipalities. Her professional interest is directed towards reducing the carbon footprint of buildings with focus on the use stage and particularly on the operational energy use. Her portfolio as project manager includes several projects that are a reference for smart energy and energy efficiency. These include construction of passive public buildings with new energy solutions as roof solar panels, geo-wells, and thermal storage.

Henrik Stensson has a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a MSc in Economy from the University of Lund in Sweden. He runs Lactor AB, a family business that deals with the preservation and refurbishment of wooden structures, managing a small team of highly skilled carpenters. From this position he gained in depth knowledge about properties of wood and necessary treatments for enhancing the quality as well as traditional and non- traditional joinery.

Ellen Tviberg Moran is an experienced communications and content professional with a particular passion for the written word and storytelling. Her experience from a range of industries, has been acquired both internationally and in Norway, public and private sector. Her educational background is in communications & PR, social sciences, and project management from Uppsala University, University of Oslo, and BI Norwegian Business School.

Crina Rauta has a MSc in Metallurgical Engineering from the University “Dunarea de jos” of Galati, Romania and a Certificate in BMA  from Georgetown University, USA. Her working experience includes implemenation of management systems in the fields of quality, environment and health and safety, as well as Lean methods in production of goods. She contributes to developing certification schemes for products, persons, and management systems, and has expertise in the field of technical accreditation and standardization related to quality, HSE, Environment, energy, sustainability. Has contributed to UNIDO projects related to quality in developing countries. She is an experienced Lead Auditor in the fields mentioned above. Manages technical committees nationally and represents the certification body internationally at EOQ, IPC or IPMA.