Noveltex team can assist the devlopment process right from the beginning with elaborating the concept, designing, choosing the materials and elaborating the technical specs, until the product is finished and the customer approves the prototype.

Our services can aplly to the full process of product development or can help the customer punctually, in some of the phases. For example, researching and choosing the right materials for increasing the ecological qualities of the final product.

We will always apply the principles of sustainable design which will take into consideration not only the aesthetics but aslo the environemental, economic and social impact of the new product.


The first step in designing  a green production process for an already operating entreprise, is to examine the production flow and find the weak points in the process. Based on the review of the collected data, we will propose a series of improvements that may target:

  • A new configuration of the production line to improve time consumption.
  • Technology modifications that will reduce pollution and waste. 
  • Replacement of old, energy-consuming machines with new, energy-efficient machines.
  • Upgrade the working environment to consume less resources.
  • Increase the added value of the processed material through recycling and upcycling.

Designing the new production process it is always done in close collaboration with the customer's team, aiming to transmit the know-how and experience of Noveltex to the customer assigned staff.


Getting real time information from the production floor is essential for a performant production management and ultimately, resource saving. Where resouce can be time, raw materials, energy and human effort. Noveltex proposal for increasing the production efficiency is based exclusively on digitalization of the production process. 

The market offers numerous solutions today in terms of monitoring and controlling production using computer systems. Noveltex can provide help and support to choose the appropiate Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and train the customer personel, att all levels of the organization, to acquire the requested skill set for using the systems. 

The efficiency of a production line increases with at least 10% after the MES implementation. 


After having identified the customer needs, we will present our proposals on subcontracting partners that match the customer demands on production and quality. 

Noveltex can organize business trips and accompany the customer staff in meeting with the potential business partners and visit their premises. Further on, we can help the customer with the strategic planning, delivering complete analysis (SWOT) for the decision making process .

Our production network is based in Romania and Tunisia, two countries favorable to manufacturing. The network is based on a selection of suppliers, where each of them has strong work ethic, which makes them reliable business partners.