Country: Latvia         

Promoter: BeTRITON Sia

SIA BeTRITONis a Latvian company that develops amphibious recreational products. This on-going project it will take DIY (do-it-yourself) version from TRL4 toTRL8 for the readiness phase.

Noveltex contributes in the research, selection, and sourcing of sustainable materials. At the same time, we act as sparring partner for the design team, providing advice and feedback for giving the product maximum of circularity.

The project "Development of a new sustainable tourism and mobility solution BeTRITON DIY" is implemented with financial support from Norway Grants, contract no. NP-2022/2, 26.01.2022.

Country: Romania 

Promoter: Expo Mob Srl

Expo Mob S.R.L. is a family-owned company founded in 1998 in Babadag, Tulcea County. Once the  young generation joined the management, the company started investing in furniture creation. The project comprises investments in new technology and equipment that allows Expo Mob to bring to market greener products. Noveltex assists Expo Mob with the design of a green production line and with the elaboration of a branding strategy focused on sustinability.The project "Increasing and diversifying production capacity by implementing environmentally friendlysolutions" is implemented with financial support from EEA & Norway Grants, contract no.



ULV is the most complex project that Noveltex has developed until today, starting with the elaboration of the brand concept and branding, product development including design and coordinated image, manufacturing, logistics, marketing and commercialization.

The brand has been presented in Norwegian publications as Finansavisen and Kvinner&Klær (KK) and featured by the lifestyle blogger Bodil Fuhr in her online blog. The team contributing to the development of the project included Silvia Filip Endresen as project manager, Per Bang, Jan Carta, Ellen Tviberg Moran, Trond Lien, Kristian Dale, John Jahre and Bjørn Jahre, each of them contributing in their area of expertise.

Country: Tunisia

Promoter: Textunis Srl

A project to elaborate and implement activities for capacity expansion with adding the cutting room  as new activity to existing capacity. The main project activities include investments, design of the new production line and process and intensive training for a completely new working team.

The project is developed with finacial support  through EU development programes in Tunisia.

Country: Romania 

Promoter: Green Leaf  Power SRL

The Romanian company produces natural tea from dried fruits, berries, and medicinal plants. The project investment helps to consolidate the market position by diversifying production and introducing new assortments and product categories. 

Project partner Noveltex provides assistance with  designing a green production line to include the new machinery.  A green production line leads to reducing  waste in terms of time, energy, and materials.

The project "Increasing and diversifying production capacity by implementing environmentally friendlysolutions" is implemented with financial support from EEA & Norway Grants, contract no.


Country: Thailand

Promoter: Royal Thai Embassy in Norway

Request of expert advice in relation with business matchmaking between Norwegian fashion players and Thai textile companies. The project focuses on fashion and lifestyle and the implementation includes an economical&cultural trip to Thailand. The trip includes visits and business meetings with important textile companies that produce fabrics and garments in silk, cotton and accessories. 

Country: Denmark

Promoter: YDE Copenhagen ApS

A project to organize the production department for newly established company by Danish designer Ole Yde and expand the production from "one-of-a-kind" to serial product. The assignemnet requires to obtain favorable conditions for minimal quantities while the framework for action must take into account the principles of sustainability. The company expanded its activites with the help of the consultant's expertise and network.

Country: Tunisia

Promoter: Textunis Srl

The second project implemented at Textunis through EU development program in Tunisia, has the scope to elaborate and develop activities for capacity and efficiency increase with adding new workstations for reaching the daily output from 500 to 1000 pieces/day. The main activities includes investments, design of the new production line and intensive technical and HMS training for 90 workers. 

Country: Bulgaria

Promoter: Manolov X Ltd

The Bulgarian company Manolov X Ltd is the owner of the POWER NAP CHAIR concept that wants to revolutionize the way companies and institutions take care of the well-being of their employees. The project develops research and development activities with Noveltex providing support in product development by advising on the choice of sustainable materials and sustainable suppliers.

"The Power Nap Chair" project is implemented with financial support from EEA & Norway Grants, contract no. 2021/335130 of 28.06.2022.


During the COVID-19 lockdown, Noveltex joined the Romanian volunteer taskforce PPE & Healthcare Garments Production that numbers over 90 entities. This has the mission to elaborate a handbook of good practices for helping players from the Romanian Manufacturing Industries to  add production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to activities. Highly skilled professionals work together to deliver technical documentation and tools for helping the process. Noveltex coordinates the team Finance, Markets and Authorities in charge with reporting about financing possibilities at the EU/EEA level and market analyzes. The team presented the group proposals to the Romanian Presidential Office and Romanian Prime Minister Office.

STEADY GLASSES ® is a Norwegian patented technical solution that addresses a simple but often encountered problem: the loss of glasses when they are hung and fall from the opening of a shirt or T-shirt. In addition to helping owners not to lose their glasses, the solution is also good for the environment, as glasses are no longer damaged or lost, giving a longer life to the product. Noveltex helps John Christian Bugge AS to bring the idea to life and to create a minimum viable product (MVP) as well as making the product ready for the market.

Services and areas of contribution:

  • Product development 
  • Sourcing
  • Commercialization

Country: Italy

Promoter: CIT Spa

A long term assignment (8 years) where all actions are centred on managing the business activity developed by CIT Spa in Tunisia, with focus on manufacturing, logistics, purchase of goods and services from the local market, and subcontracting. Responsibilties includes also management of different teams that were in charge with the quality, production output, human resources development and export-import administration.